Our mission aims to start independent surveys, to collect photo / journalistic documentaton and film on the state of conservation of nature and the territory, expecially tropical equatorial forests .
A project, started in 2014, has already performed two expeditions in Indonesian Borneo. It provides a five-years team to be carried out in different countries and areas of the world affected by the issues of deforestation, illegal logging and production activities harmful to them.
The intent is to share, inform and increase public awareness, focusing on the important role that consumers, which has dramatically increased its importance in the  inveronmental issue.
Sustainability is the word that best represents the challenge that lies ahead in the next few years, in fact we ought to take into account that forests are a precious common good, that affect global climate changes and that are a refuge for countless number of animal and plant species.
We can not escape from this responsibility, in fact, our choices will totally affect the future of the next generations.


Leroy Merlin

Technical partners

Days to next expedition “Peruvian Amazon 2015″

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